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In house programmes

Our in-house programmes are carefully designed and tailored to your specific requirements. Usually run as two full or two half days, they are highly interactive, intense, thought provoking and fun!

We do
not tell you how to increase profits - that would be the height of arrogance on our part. What we do is to help and encourage your own people to develop their own ideas, with our guidance and experience.

At the end of the programme delegates present their plans for improving profits to the boss. Not our ideas, not the boss's ideas, but
their ideas.

The results of running a Profit
builder in house programme are:

A significant, sustainable profit increase - at least 2% extra return on sales

Tailor-made fully quantified profit improvement plans for your company

An enthusiastic team with new profit goals

Everyone in your organisation will be more profit conscious

Pricing competition will be easier to handle

Your people will improve your own prices

Your major accounts will become more profitable

Individual executive plans for improving profits over the next two years