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In the past, most of our work has been with big multinational companies and involved getting large numbers of people away from the office for two day seminars. Whilst this area of our work still continues, we recognise that this method is impractical for smaller companies. And we thought Why should smaller companies miss out on improved profits just because they are small?

So we have designed a special 3 hour session entitled Pricing for Profits for SMEs. Some of the areas covered are :-

The only 3 things you can do to increase profits

Which is the least effective yet often the one that most companies do first?

Which is the most effective?

How a tiny improvement in pricing can produce a massive increase in profits

How to ascertain which of your products/services have Pricing Power - in other words, which ones may be able to command a better price?

How to ascertain which of your customers could pay higher prices

How to squeeze better prices

How to reduce discounts you give to customers

How to get paid for things you currently give away for free

And much, much more.

For more information on these sessions please contact Geraldine Ward at geraldine@profitbuilderint.com