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How much extra profit?

Precisely how much extra profits we can help you generate depends on a number of factors, but our minimum private aim in working with a client on a full in house programme would be to increase your profits by 2% of your annual turnover.

We have achieved this - and more - for many clients, and we may well be able to do so for you.

We would be happy to set up an initial consultation - free of charge and any commitment on either side - to analyse and assess your business to ascertain whether or not this would be a realistic target if we were to work together.

If it is, we will explain how we would go about helping you achieve this target. We will leave you to calculate the effect such a result would have on your share price!

If it is not realistic then we will tell you and we will part friends.

To be honest, we do not take on assignments where this is an unrealistic target - lifeís too short!