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Open seminars

Our Profit Improvement seminars have two objectives:

To help delegates identify areas of opportunity to increase profits within their own company

To identify the strategies and tactics needed to achieve those profits

The seminars are designed for senior management - a typical day will have 15 - 20 different companies sending 1 or 2 delegates each. They are usually held in the Midlands and are run around 3 times each year.

Delegates attending a Profit
builder seminar will:

Clearly identify the areas of potential profit improvement that exist within their company

Better understand the dynamics of profit

Become much more profit conscious

Realise what is needed to create a 'profit culture' throughout the company

Be motivated to achieve those extra profits

Have a clear understanding of the tactics needed to achieve extra profits

Construct a personal action plan tailored to their company's unique situation to achieve increased profits

Please email geraldine@profitbuilderint.com for details of forthcoming Profitbuilder seminars