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Martyn Swan

Martyn originally joined John Winkler 15 years ago following a successful career in training and sales and marketing. Initially working on a freelance basis, Martyn's expertise grew along with his clients, and with John he set up our highly successful Profit
builder division.

Martyn says "When I first met and listened to John I was immediately struck by how he was able to make people think about profits in a different way, and to see the spectacular results he was able to achieve with his clients. I soon decided that I wanted to be part of that operation, and jumped at the chance to work with John. Although John is now retired we are still carrying on his pioneering work and many of the sessions we now run were originally designed by John - and even some of the jokes are the same! But over the years Johnís work has been refined and added to and we can now provide what I believe to be the finest profit improvement programmes in the world.Ē

He added "Whenever I meet a new client, they nearly always say 'Of course, Martyn, you have to realise that our business is different', and they're absolutely right. All businesses are different; they are all unique. Yet most are facing similar problems - margins being squeezed, prices under pressure, buyers getting tougher, sales people having to fight harder, prices and profits leaking at all levels within the organisation. Does any of this ring a bell with you? - if so, please contact us, we can help!"